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Your muscle response may help identify the best way to rebalance your energy, accelerate healing, and naturally resolve stress.


Our bodies hold memories of past experiences that may not have been dealt with appropriately, leaving behind blockages within our systems that must be de-charged and made aware of to aid in resolution for future balance within your body, your mind and your spirit. 

Awareness and understanding of where we may be blocked in our thinking and our emotions, which have a knock on effect to our body systems, empowers us to positively  change our belief systems and pre-programmed 'go to' responses in life to manifest a future where we are happy, healthy,  abundant  and above all, balanced.

Have you been wondering why it is you are unable to reach your desired outcomes?


Have you often questioned what it is that is holding you back?

Walk a path of discover towards your Life Purpose and Direction through an insightful interaction with your  subconscious and soul guides.

Clear the road blocks that are impeding your progress and ignite the manifestation of your goals, whilst receiving support from the inter-dimensional planes.

Your Insight Kinesiology is designed to propel you towards reaching those long awaited dreams on a mind, body and spiritual level.


Kinesiology may effectively organise the neural network and allow yours or  your child's brain to regain the natural growth and learning potential.

It may also enhance functionality for children with ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and PTSD.

Improve behaviour and learning through the release of  survival stress, anxiety, associative  memories, stuck emotions and neural confusion in a gentle and non-invasive way.

May regain optimum coordination, movement and self regulation to allow your child to grow and evolve towards their highest potential.



During the initial consultation, a detailed  client history will be taken. Your expectations and goals will be discussed outlining what it is that may be holding you back from achieving them. You will then work with your Kinesiologist to help uncover the blockages, release the stresses and help reorganise the neural network and nervous system so you can move forward in a positive, well balanced, direction.

Throughout the session, the Kinesiologist will use a muscle monitoring technique to bring awareness to stages of stress held within the nervous system, which are shown through the muscle strength response. The body's innate awareness, subconscious and unconscious are able to be accessed which may help resolve and release the causes of your long term stress which may have led to ailments, sickness, disease and the inability to achieve your goals. The innate awareness of the  body  has the ability to be able to  reorganise and rebalance to achieve the desired state of homeostasis.

Your Kinesiologist will also call upon your individual soul team to bring forth guidance and to help support your body, mind and spirit to move towards your highest potential.


kinesiology helps to bring balance and stability back to the individual. You may sometimes initally feel tired, yet a sense of calm and lightness is often experienced by clients after a session. If a survival state has been uncovered and worked on, the body will take time to reorganise whilst integration of the blocks within certain neural networks is made aware of by the body and de-stressed.

Clients often feel a sense of satisfaction and excitement after a session as insights into their inner workings are both gratifying and invaluable when manifesting a desired outcome.


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