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Hayley  Ullman  - Founder of Your Insight Kinesiology


As a Level 5 Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner, I have completed studies at the Diploma and Certificate IV  levels of Kinesiology.


I have come from a  very different background as having practiced as a Civil/Structural Engineer, Project Manager and Secondary  School Teacher for over 16 years. My interest and deep seated respect for Kinesiology was first ignited by the desire to support my young family (3 beautiful children and husband) work through health, emotional and learning hurdles that had popped up over the course of our lives.  Practicing Kinesiology has allowed me to aid in my family's health and wellbeing and I have been able to implement changes in all of our lives that have now allowed my family to flourish on so many levels.


If you wish to gain insight into your being on an emotional, mental, biochemical, structural and soul level, then Kinesiology is a modality that can target the root of a problem, help the body de-stress and re-organise in order to enable self-healing and balance. Kinesiology is a powerful tool to unleash your cognitive potential, improve coordination and enhance learning and behavioural outcomes.


I am constantly inspired by the benefits of Kinesiology and would be honoured to impart my knowledge and services to further enhance  and bring balance and harmony to your  life .



 I have been seeing Hayley for regular kinesiology sessions for over a year now and the physical, emotional, and mental changes that both myself and others have noticed is remarkable. 


I have struggled with mental illness for most of my life, including anxiety and PTSD, and have been on many different medications and seen many medical specialists.  During this past year, I have been able to cease medications and now feel more mentally healthy, happy, clear headed, and stable than I have in many years.


When I started seeing Hayley I was getting prepared to start IVF despite having Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, success came quickly, I am now in my second trimester and Hayley has been able to ease many of the uncomfortable physical symptoms I have experienced so far.


On a personal level Hayley is compassionate and easy to talk to, she is very good at explaining what is happening during the sessions and helping me to understand what my body needs.


I won’t say that I am now a different person, rather, I know that after each session I become closer to reaching my true self and honestly have only made forward steps and leaps since starting on this journey with Hayley.


I can’t thank Hayley enough and look forward to continuing to work with her as I adjust to becoming a mother, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a way to overcome challenges or find balance in their life.


Hayley has proven to be a wonderful therapist for me to depend on when life seems a struggle.  I have found her to be supportive and highly intuitive.  She is capable of delving into physical, emotional or mental issues and uncovering their origin.  Her healing techniques and guidance are gentle, calming and reassuring.   Hayley has also treated my children (5 and 9 years), I have been very grateful for the shifts they have had in their sessions.  Understanding the source of their behaviour patterns or issues, has also been tremendously helpful as a parent. 

I have been continuously recommending Hayley to my clients, friends and family.  They have all provided extremely positive feedback.   Many of my clients have uncovered and addressed blocks to their struggles with infertility, and many are now pregnant!  Hayley truly is a phenomenally wise healer.  


Kirsty Eng of Kirsty Eng Fertility


Pre-Conception Care | Natural Fertility Support |  IVF Support | Pregnancy  Support 
Labour Preparation | Post Partum Wellness | General Wellness



T: 07 3852 3384


P: 61 Hetherington Street, Herston Qld 4006


Words cannot describe how much Hayley and kinesiology has done for not only myself, but also my son. 


My boy has struggled with school for years and the only solution through doctors was to put him on ADD medication. 


In just a couple of sessions with Hayley, we’ve managed to take him off the mediation and he is happy and confident to go to school again.


Hayley has also helped me with my own struggles and health issues which I have suffered with for many years and which doctors or medication hasn’t been able to help. 

Hayley is truly remarkable and  I believe she definitely has a gift in this field.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to give kinesiology a go.



I have been having sessions with Hayley for over a year and every time I see her I come away with new insights and clarity. What I love about seeing Hayley is that she works with my mind, body and soul and that every request I have for a session she works with for the best possible outcome.


Before I saw Hayley I was seeking clarity around my career, studies and health and after these months of working with her my health issues have improved and I have seen continued focus around my studies and career on this new path I'm going down. If I had not been recommended to see Hayley I feel as though I'd still be struggling with these issues but with Hayley's help I am now excitedly moving forward with my life. Hayley is a beautiful soul and I have recommended her to family and friends and I would highly recommend her to anyone else."


How Hayley has helped my son, who has a Sensory Processing Disorder, is difficult to put into words...but to say in the least, life changing!

The relationship and understanding I now have  with my son is amazing. Hayley has been able to unpack his emotional issues and help him express what he is feeling and what support I need to give him. We go together for sessions and he loves his "healings" from Hayley.

She has a wonderful way with him and he trusts her completely. I could not recommend Hayley highly enough if you are having trouble understanding the physical and emotional needs of your children.


My experience of Kinesiology with Hayley opened me up to a whole new type of connection with myself.

Hayley has a wonderful way of tapping into what lies beneath the surface issues, and bringing things gently into the light to help them clear.

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