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Kinesiology is a holistic health care approach based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, whilst incorporating mainstream anatomy, physiology and nutritional doctrines. Through utilising muscle monitoring techniques, in order to gain biofeedback from the client’s nervous system and subconscious, blockages are able to be released on an emotional, biochemical, structural and soul level with the outcome to establish homeostasis within the client. Through creating awareness and releasing these blockages, the client is able to manifest the lifestyle, health, and goals in which they wish to achieve.

Kinesiology makes use of your own muscle response as biofeedback. Muscle monitoring accesses the nervous system, the subconscious and unconscious to uncover the record of stresses stored within your cellular memory. Your body naturally wants to co-operate in regaining wellness when it knows there is a problem and you provide its needs for recovery. Muscle monitoring identifies where the imbalances exist and the resolutions required to rebalance functions.

The subconscious mind is 1000 times stronger than the conscious mind and holds all memories, beliefs and programs that we have learnt during our lives. An insight into the subconscious mind holds the necessary information to understanding ourselves, as to why we are sick, have pain or are having difficulties functioning in many aspects of our lives. Kinesiology may help to find the root of the problem causing these health issues, which are often tied to unresolved emotion and neurological confusion resulting in the body being unable to re-organise and self-heal.

Genetics, environment, people and life experiences all leave their influence that together makes you the unique human being you are today. The day-to-day demands of life add up and can create imbalances in your energy and body functions that progressively lead to symptoms, inefficiencies and tissue breakdown.  Disappointments, fears, frustrations and stresses too take their toll on your immune system, on your energy and your zest for life.

Your own muscle response may help to identify the best way to rebalance your energy, speed up healing, add to and make the best use of your internal resources. Simply stated, Kinesiology activates and boosts your body’s innate ability to repair and rejuvenate.

• Reduction and resolution of  fears and long term stress

• Energy, vitality and mood

• Anxiety, trauma and depression

• Neurological dysfunction and learning difficulties

• Behaviour

• Coordination

• Chronic and muscular pain

• Heachaches and migraines

• Structural and postural misalignments

• Insomnia and sleep disturbances

• Nutrition, food sensitivities and digestion

• Fertility and hormonal imbalances

• Optimal biochemical, tissue and organ function

• Soothes and calms your nervous system

• Life changes

• Life purpose and direction

• Goal manifestation

• Spiritual clarity and growth

• Accelerate recovery and healing


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